About Meggie Knits

Meg Gates is the creative genius behind the world renowned hand knitted masterpieces cleverly known as Meggie Knits….(yes I came up with the name).

She is by far the most talented person that I have ever known. Her artistic aptitude is only surpassed by her sincerity, generosity and of course her love of animals. (I’ve always said that if there is indeed an afterlife I want to come back as one of Meg’s dogs, cats or horses.) In fact most of Meg’s creations are named after a current or past beloved pet family member. (I am still waiting for her to name one after me…hmmm)

Her knack for creativity in designing “on the fly” knit art-works, knows no bounds. Her attention to the finest details defies the logic of persistency. She possesses a unique signature of fine art in knitting and felting that I don’t think any other artist can duplicate. The way that she mixes, matches and mingles vibrant colors and bringing her creations to life with just the right touches of knitted felted flowers and ornate do dads never cease to amaze her customers as well as her fellow knitters.

Inspired by her Grandmother, Meg taught herself “power design knitting” shortly after she “dabbled” in oil paintings, of which many of those works of wonder ordain the walls of our 200+ year old farmhouse in beautiful Oregonia, Ohio. Although Meg is known for knitting anywhere (and I do mean anywhere), most of her creations are born and completed in her small wall-to-wall yarn studio-fortress on the second floor of the old farmhouse.

Meg has made quite a name for herself winning awards and selling her designs at local Art Shows. Up until now, Arts and Craft Shows have been the only venues to see and purchase Meg’s works. But since so many people at these shows would inquire about how to find her “non-existent web site”, I decided it was time for her to expand to the knitting cyberspace world where she can share her extraordinary wares. Hopefully you will enjoy her new website. (Please feel free to let us know how it could be improved).

Besides being an amazing artist, Meg is also a wonderful and loving wife to me and mother to our son Sam. I like to optimistically think that both Sam and I provide some level of inspiration to her works and that some of that talent will eventually rub off on us. Whether it does or not, we will continue to support her love for knitting.

Please have fun navigating Meg’s new website. Hopefully you also will be inspired by her creativity, originality and passion for fine art.

Meg’s inspirational and loving husband,